My style

  • I live by my mottos: "Things have a way of working out for me," "Beg forgiveness rather than ask for permission," and "It doesn't hurt to ask"
  • I aggressively tackle challenging problems.
  • I proceed as if success is inevitable.
  • I become bored quickly if I'm no longer learning or if I don't see the project improving.
  • I am friendly with almost anyone.
  • I am willing to help anyone with anything if asked.
  • I am driven by data.
  • I never compromise on quality. 

What I value

  • Directness and honesty, even if it's uncomfortable for me to hear.
  • Wittiness and humor.
  • What’s possible more than what’s present.
  • Questions I can't answer not answers I can't question.

What I don’t have patience for

  • I am disturbed by repetitive noises like tapping, drumming, fidgeting, squeaks, and rattles. 
  • An authority figure or manager that infringes on team autonomy.
  • Coming from a position of fear. I understand that some of the things we are working on feel big and scary, and reality is rarely as bad as we imagine. 
  • Saying one thing and meaning another. I tend to be literal in my communications.
  • Gossip, backstabbing, spreading rumors, or any other treacherous behavior.

How to best communicate with me

  • Be crisp. Start with the headlines. I prefer bullet points to prose.
  • I don't want to know how we got here, focus on what we are doing going forward. 
  • I love to solve problems, remove barriers and help others move the ball forward.  Come to me with problems and with your recommended course of action. 
  • I value authenticity, honesty, directness, and transparency. If I say something you disagree with, tell me. I am hungry to be challenged in thoughtful and constructive ways. I respect people who have the confidence to question someone (even the boss!). 

How to help me

  • Tell me what I need to know, not what you think I want to hear. I prefer radical honesty.
  • Nudge me to be quiet if I'm talking too much, or to slow down and explain more if I'm going too quickly.
  • Provide opportunities with big challenges that have big outcomes.

What people misunderstand about me

  • My approach is more disciplined than it first appears, and it’s one based on personal experience rather than orthodoxy.
  • I am motivated by and always seek to “do the right thing,” and choose to act "for the common good" rather than seeking personal benefit.
  • I am more vulnerable to criticism and rejection than outward appearances would suggest.
  • I'm not upset with you, I'm upset about the problem at hand.